From your breath, within your soul and beyond the mat

When embraced beyond the realm of simple fitness, yoga, is a way of life. I entered into this sacred practice for exercise, and for many years practiced for that reason. It was only when great emotional challenge came to me that I looked at all eight limbs of yoga to heal. By learning the eight limbs I examined the way I treat myself, others, the environment and all sentient beings.

In my classes I offer a challenge to my students, not just by the physical asanas but to connect to the breath to remain present with all feelings that come their way. When we are able to process emotions and traumas when they come up, there is both emotional and physical recovery. Yoga is complementary to chiro treatment.

Power yoga classes:
Physically challenging, faster pace, a large standing pose sequence, core work, inversions and seated postures to finish. Power is great for increased strength and endurance.

Yin yoga classes:
Mentally challenging, poses are all seated or lying down and are held for 3-5 minutes. Fascia and muscle is untangled allowing for more blood flow and healing of scar tissue. Yin is relaxing and enables the student to find meditation in the longer holds.

Please check the calendar for current yoga schedule.