We’re Moving! And also, come away with us

We are so excited to announce our move.

We have loved serving you at Mainland Medical, and will dearly miss all the practitioners and staff at that clinic. We felt we needed more space to offer you more availability, and collaboration Dr. Stephanie Bonn and an amazing group of naturopaths, acupuncturists and registered massage therapists.

As of September 1, 2017 we will relocated to:

Be Chiropractic Wellness

120-1020 Mainland Street 

Vancouver, BC V6B 2T5

(604) 688-5437

We will be using our same online booking system, website and email over the next few months as we transition, but effective September 1, the phone number and physical location of the office will be as above.

The new office is currently going through some renovations and a new paint job, and we can’t wait to welcome you there soon.

And don’t forget, we are already 3/4 through 2017, can you believe it? Make sure you use up those benefits, it’s part of your salary!


Upcoming Retreats

Join Dr. Genieve Burley on an epic adventure yoga retreat in the South of France (August 31-September 7) or a private mansion in Puerto Vallarta for a luxury nutrition and yoga retreat with Kate Horsman (October 13-20). Click on the links to learn more.



Cultivate Wellness-The Summer Event


Date: Sunday, June 25, 2017

Time: 9:30-2:00pm

Location: Chilliwack Corn Maze

About the Event:

Cultivate Wellness is a collaborative wellness mini-retreat benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation’s Workout to Conquer Cancer. Participants will be guided through a series of fitness workshops: featuring boxing with All City Athletics, the Class by Taryn Toomey led by Turf, yoga with Studio B and meditation by Moment Meditation. Our sweaty morning will be complimented by inspirational wellness and nutrition discussions by Mariah Vermeer and Kate Horsman. Our retreat is designed to educate, inspire and provide space for individuals to take time for themselves and to forge new relationships with like minded community members.  A nutritious brunch will be provided by Faspa and Co and cold-pressed juice by The Habit Project.  The event will take place on Sunday June 25th at The Chilliwack Corn Maze surrounded by corn fields and apple trees.  This special event is mindfully curated by Cultivate and Co., Genieve Burley and the BC Cancer Foundation.

About Us:

Cultivate and Co.

Cultivate & Co. was created to enhance the relationships between farmers, businesses and the public – we aim to bring agricultural awareness from farm to plate. Together, we three sisters, also known as The Bruinsma Girls, are the dreamers behind this movement.  

We believe in investing in the future of food and to educate others as to why, where and how to eat as locally, seasonally and sustainably as possible.  Our purpose is to lead by example and be ambassadors for local businesses and farmers in the Fraser Valley.  The Fraser Valley has deep agricultural roots and is known for its rich, fertile land; supporting our local farmers is imperative to keeping this agricultural area sustainable.

We grew up here in Chilliwack on a small farm where we sold bags of apples on the side of the road.  Our parents instilled in us a passion for agriculture and took the time to show us the importance of eating and cooking with whole, natural foods.  In an era where the art of farming and the understanding of where your food comes from has been lost, we would like to continue this path of education and agricultural awareness.  We are so thrilled to host you at our family farm for this special event.  

~Danielle, Vanessa & Mariah


Dr. Genieve Burley-Wellness 360

Genieve is a chiropractor and yoga teacher based in Vancouver, BC. Her approach to wellness is a holistic approach, looking at how exercise, food, relationships, intellectual stimulation affects health overall. Genieve noticed that her ability to deliver this information in a chiropractic appointment or yoga class often wasn’t long enough to create lasting change in all facets of health. In  2013 she started developing Wellness 360 retreats to create an immersion in mind, body and spirit. On her retreats she creates a curriculum involving yoga, fitness, meditation, community, goal development, nourishing plant based food in a retreat space that involves nature at its finest, for hiking, surfing and other outdoor activities. The goal is for people to come back into their lives feeling balanced and motivated to keep their Wellness 360 program going.

In 2016 Genieve had the honour of attending Cultivate and Co. dinner, from that night she knew she wanted to collaborate with the Bruisma sisters to create a project that would benefit both the attendees and an organization to donate to. And Cultivate Wellness was born…


About our chef:

Bonnie Friesen

Bonnie was born, raised and fed on the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia. Her passion for growing, cooking and eating food grew out of a combination of her mother’s love for cooking and her travels through Europe, which inspired her to enroll in the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver.  There she learned the foundations of French gastronomy at the hands of skilled instructors who themselves were inspired by the local fare available at the nearby Granville Island Market.  After much training, and a stage at the renowned Vancouver Club during the 2010 Olympics, she graduated with her culinary diploma, the “Best Service Award 2010” and her first year Red Seal certificate.  Following her culinary education, she began her training in the field gaining extensive experience at Abbotsford’s Restaurant 62, working her way up from garde manger to Sous Chef to Chef Jeff Massey.  In addition to these formative and educational experiences, she has worked hands on at a variety of local farms, and even tried her hand at beekeeping. More recently, 2016 found Bonnie to be the proud recipient of the Young Entrepreneur Award at the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. She finds her greatest satisfaction channeling all she has learned into creating elegant, locally inspired, multi course dinner parties for Faspa and Company. Bonnie currently resides on a farm in Yarrow, where she loves cooking in cast iron over an open fire by the Chilliwack river with her husband.

About our speakers:

Mariah Vermeer

Mariah is a holistic nutritionist born and raised in the Fraser Valley.  From a young age sports, along with health, have been a major influence in her life. She started her journey to be a Registered Holistic Nutritionist not long after finishing her Bachelors degree in Land and Food Systems at UBC while playing on the varsity women’s volleyball team.  She is passionate about healthy living and finding what food means to individuals on a deeper level.  She believes that the food we eat has a major impact on our lives in so many ways; emotionally, physically and socially.  It is her goal to connect individuals to their innate power to create the life they want to live.

Currently, Mariah has focused her nutritional knowledge on a cold-pressed juicing business called The Habit Project.  She prides her company in sourcing organic produce from local farmers, supporting individuals to help their wellness journey and developing recipes that are designed to help individuals feel alive and energized.


Kate Horsman

Kate is a Holistic Nutritionist and Natural Foods Chef. She is passionate about being able to help people discover the power of food and its key to wellness in a happy, meaningful and healthy life. Working to inspire, encourage, educate and create change within the world of nutrition and how we treat disease though food to help you create the life you want, with your best body in the process. She believes that to get us to where we want to go we must look at… change, food, and movement, the benefit = the glow.

A born Vancouverite with some worldly experience, that has brought her to this most meaningful place today, now. Ballet dancer turned model, designer and entrepreneur. Trained Clinical Counselor and now Nutritionist and holistic chef. Her training is vast, but not nearly as extensive the life lessons she attributes for both finding her purpose, success and healing. “It is our darker shadows that create the most beautiful light” Utilizing every day, even the hard ones, to be the best you in this beautiful body we get to wear.

Kate works with a variety of clients from private practice to workshop and retreat. She specializes in Women’s Health, Body Image/Eating Disorders, Plant Based Nutrition and Athletics.


Katrina Vanderveen

Katrina is a holistic nutrition student and a fledging entrepreneur behind Fortify Natural Wellness.
She strongly believes in the power of nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle to transform our bodies and help heal our illnesses.
Katrina’s journey and passion for health and wellness began in 2013 after spending three years battling cancer. Years filled with a series of treatments, scans, appointments, and uninterrupted cycles of physical pain, mental pain, fear, and doubt. Having beaten cancer three times, Katrina had every right to feel victorious, but instead felt scared of her own body.
To combat her fears, she decided to take health into her own hands, recognizing that health is something complex, but attainable. Health is more than prescriptions and periodic scans, and it’s more than a hot summer body. Health requires conscious lifestyle choices and reflection on what one’s body is saying.
As she learned how to best care for her body, Katrina began to feel the confidence that she missed – confidence that her body could stay strong and overcome sickness.
This peace and composure is what Katrina wants others to participate in. That they may realize that health is not for fitness addicts and Instagram. Health is a process. It’s for everyone, and it begins with the realization that you are in charge. 
To achieve this, Katrina has recently started Fortify Natural Wellness with her long-time friend Stephanie Rempel. This project exists to help people assert command over their bodies and reach their wellness goals, holistically. By offering nourishing food choices and health information, it is Fortify’s task to make sense of healthy living.

About our teachers:

Turf and Angela Hartman

TurF is a studio, shop, kitchen + coffee bar.  We bring together the essentials to live a life that’s enormous.  Deanne and Delaney Schweitzer are sisters and co-founders of TurF.  They came to see that when you follow your passions fully led by purpose, your life just works – fully created, full of balance and joy.  

So TurF was born on the foundation of all the things they love: healthy food, thoughtful apparel, a conscious sweat, the best coffee and building community.  

An avid athlete her whole life, Angel has spent the last 10 years practicing yoga, running and surfing her way all over the world.  Living in NYC, Ange found The Class by Taryn Toomey and was immediately hooked.  After training to be a teacher for the past year, Ange is thrilled to finally have her favourite workout in Vancouver.  

The Class by Taryn Toomey – Shake, pulse and bounce through this cathartic experience.  Release tension as you build a lean, strong body and cleanse the spirit.  The Class by Taryn Toomey has a dedicated following in NYC and LA.  TurF is excited to premiere The Class by Taryn Toomey in Canada.

@turfliving @ange_hartman

Studio B Yoga

Studio B Yoga and More INC. is a social purpose business and has genuine intentions to encourage a mindful and balanced lifestyle by providing yoga and fitness classes that will allow personal growth while giving back. Located in the Garrison Village area of Chilliwack we are proud to offer an inclusive and bright space that is available to everyone in the community

Christie Weightman

Christie began teaching yoga in 2009 after completing a 200 hour yoga teacher training intensive under the guidance of Daniel Clement of Open Source Yoga. Since then she has completed over 1000 contact and non contact hours of yoga training and education, and has shared over five thousand hours of teaching. In May 2016, Christie became a RYT-500 certified Yoga Teacher under the direction and support of Christine Price Clark at the Vancouver School of Yoga. Christie is fortunate to have received guidance from many, many wonderful teachers. The underlying message in every teaching she has ever received has been that of honest love; of self and of life. She is eternally grateful to all of her teachers for sharing their passion for yoga, and love of life.

  Sharing the idea of honest love through asana, through play, through silence, and through holding space for her community is her purpose, and her gift to give. Christie teaches in a way that emphasizes continuous movement and a strong connection to breath. She aspires to help people rediscover their inner light, that once found, can never again be lost nor forgotten.

To follow up the morning’s stimulating strength training session, we will move through a lighter, slower, hatha yoga practice- in which, our focus will be on poses that expand the muscles that have recently been conditioned. Yoga done after a rigorous workout is essential to balancing the body’s energy and recreating a sense of equilibrium. Expect to move through a well rounded, all levels sequence of postures while committing to slow, deep, conscious breathing for a calmer, clearer state of being.


All City Athletics:

The All-City fitness style is based on the philosophy of inclusivity and accessibility. Believing that everyone can benefit from the positive effects of exercise, classes are built to be fun and challenging.

 Anna Farrant:

Anna Farrant co-founded All City Athletics with her partner Jordan Bowers. All City is a boutique boxing fitness brand that offers group fitness classes to those who want to train like a fighter!  Anna started boxing in 2008 as a way to relieve stress from work and fell in love with the sport which is one of the most challenging, and arguably therapeutic, workouts possible. Her training philosophy is “your mind will give out before your body does” reminding her clients that boxing is not only physical but will make you mentally strong. Her goal is to make boxing fun and accessible to those who may not have the desire to step in the ring while still keeping it authentic!
@vancitybanana @allcityathletics

Giulia Halkier:

Giulia is a Training Manager at Lululemon head office in Vancouver, where she has worked for 6 years. Outside of her 9-5pm work life, you can find her at Ride Cycle Club or All City Athletics! Giulia has always been very passionate about teaching and fitness. She grew up dancing competitively and played soccer and volleyball for many years. She has been teaching at Ride Cycle Club ever since it opened 3 years ago and loves every minute of it. Always up for a challenge, Giulia found boxing through All City Athletics. She immediately became hooked on it when she first tried it 2 years ago and knew right away that boxing was something she wanted to eventually teach. You can find her at either of these studios doing what she does best – sweating and supporting others to push themselves in new ways!


Julie Chutter:

Julie’s life is sweating.  Her full time gig is working as the Lead Instructor at Ride Cycle Club where she not only teaches classes but also trains any new instructor that hits the podium.  Essentially, Julie lives in her workout gear…so it makes sense that All City Athletics would be a perfect fit.  Julie started training with All City over 2 years ago and it was love at first punch!  Growing up in a big family on a cattle ranch, fitness was the foundation of her youth.  Playing sports and being active outdoors was part of her everyday life and so a career in fitness is the perfect fit.


Moment Meditation and Anita Cheung

We are modern meditation. We believe that while enlightenment is great, sure, your inbox is full and you can never find time to clean your home. We get you- and our meditations do too. Designed with over 20 years of clinical experience in neuropsychology, our meditations get you calm, happy, and focused. This is cognitive training for the modern mind and this is a good time to take a moment.

The class will be an introduction to mindfulness meditation based upon our understanding of the brain. How do we use meditation as a tool to train our minds in order to achieve specific results in our lives. Expect a mindful activity and two guided meditations as well as the opportunity to chat and ask questions.

@momentmeditation @ineeeda

Workout to Conquer Cancer

Workout to Conquer Cancer is a month-long movement in pursuit of raising awareness and crucial funds for the BC Cancer Foundation. These funds fuel groundbreaking cancer research and care at the provinces six BC Cancer Agency locations. Funds raised toward Workout to Conquer Cancer will support research initiatives for all cancers, including breast, ovarian and lymphoid—to name a few—where researchers are making major advancements into early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of these diseases. Over the past five years, a number of breakthrough discoveries have catapulted BC Cancer Agency scientists onto the world stage. These discoveries would not be possible without generous people like you.


@workoutbc @bccancer


Tickets for this event go on sale for May 1, we can’t wait to see you there!


Sacred Suntan-Spirit and Soul Food Retreat

Genieve and Kate-132

Dates: October 13-20, 2017
Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Book here: sacred suntan

Dr Genieve Burley Hawes and Kate Horsman wish to welcome you to explore with them the nourishment of Body & Soul through Movement and Foods and a bit of magic along the way.

What is Sacred Suntan?

A 7-day Sanctuary Retreat based on the Mind, Body, Soul connection in which we merge our areas of expertise…Yoga, Food, and Mind practices. Oh and a bit of fun on the journey too. We would love to be guiding you through the many aspects we see as being important to living a healthy life: from daily yoga practices, meditations, foods and nutrition. As a society we find we often look at one but not the other. Genieve and Kate combine forces by bringing together the best of what they do in order to integrate for you feeling healthy in your best body ever and still have a few laughs, margaritas, and suntans along the way.

Where is Sacred Suntan?

Located just 30 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta nestled in a beautiful and private Villa Mansion that will have you feeling like luxury and rest, which will most importantly, best equip you to take care of YOU.

Who is this for?

Whether you are looking for rest, healing, transformation or growth, this week of sanctuary will start you on that journey, boost you along your path or provide you with a soft cushion to land. We all work so hard, now’s the time to retreat in order to take better care of our self and then the people we love.

Who are we?

Dr Genieve is a Chiropractor and Yoga Instructor, with a background in training, conditioning and wellness. She is based in Vancouver and runs yoga retreats and teacher trainings internationally. Genieve is a passionate and well sought after plant based expert in Vancouver and works to integrate full body wellness through her bodywork practice and lifestyle.

Kate Horsman is a Holistic Nutritionist and wellness expert with an education and background in counseling psychology, culinary, and dance. She believes in the powers of food and works with individuals to help find peace and transformation with their bodies in relationship with foods. Kate has a philosophy that a whole foods plant based diet not only has the ability to heal, but deeply fulfill what it is our bodies our needing.

What’s Included?

7 days and 6 nights Luxury accommodation on the pacific of Mexico in a private villa mansion

3 Meals a day. Menu designed and curated by Kate.

1 meal minimum a day cooked by Kate

Daily Yoga Vinyasa and Yin/Meditation taught by Genieve

30 Minute Chiropractic Assessment by Genieve

30 Minute Nutritional Assessment by Kate

Nourishing snacks and refreshments to keep us rejuvenated and quenched

Trip into Sayulita where we can help to arrange surf lessons, or you can have some of your own free time. Hang Loose

One Plant Based Cooking Class

Organized evening activities

Circle ceremonies fusing our philosophies with a little magic and fun along the way

A few more surprises in store…

***All meals will be Plant Based***

What to expect?

We find that like attracts like, and when there’s a positive charge, you get a positive back. What this means to you is that we expect that over the course of your stay you will feel fuelled, nurtured, nourished, stretched, and strengthened. All the core principals that are integral to a better body, is how we go about treating full body wellness and what sacred suntan means to us

…Expect to learn and use your body as much as you want or as little as you want. Dr Genieve’s expertise in Yoga and Chiro brings along complete awareness of full body respect and workouts.

…Expect a lot of food. Healthy food does need not be boring. But can be sexy, satisfying and soulful…but it will be plant based. Kate will show you’re the way

…Expect to laugh, we may not be comedians, but we know how to laugh, and this is just as important part of health, our attitude.

…Expect sun, unless you want an umbrella…then you do you ;)

Join us for a Sacred Suntan


Revolution 2017

Welcome 2017.

I think a lot of us were ready to say goodbye to 2016, it was a frustrating time for people who want to make a difference in the world. We continue to see that women get paid less and are treated legally treated violently in other counties. Atrocities are being committed in Syria, Africa and around the world. Animals are still at the mercy of being second to humans, tortured for their meat and fur. Our environment is pawned out for big dollars by our own prime minister. And Trump.

I lost my Mom at the end of this year, and I felt really dark through Christmas.

I want to be hopeful, for humans. For it is only when we are pushed to our limits that we can really show our strength. It’s time for a revolution.

For me this revolution starts personally. What can I do on a daily basis that arms me with strength to fight for the things I believe in? I have started to create a list:

  1. Sleep: We need 8 hours of sleep to function optimally. This usually means for us working folk that we can’t sleep in later, rather we need to get to bed earlier. Skip the Netflix, read a little book, take a bath and hit the hay in the 9pm range. Your thoughts will be clearer, skin brighter and immune system stronger.
  2. Integrity: I believe integrity is living in alignment with your values. My commitment to my values is strong, and when I am in disharmony with one of them I feel darkness, guilt and anxiety. These mood emotions stunt my growth as a human and set me back.
  3. Exercise: Moving your body is more than just looking good. It allows for fluids to be squeezed through stagnant areas, for hydration to reach the connective tissues and most importantly it changes your brain chemistry. If we want to be warriors for the planet, the brain has to be on optimum fuel.
  4. Nutrition: This is a major area that I need to improve on. I never prepare for the day with food. I have busy days and rely on mostly garbage carbs to fuel me when I am on the go. I am spending too much money on non-nutritious snacks. I eat plant based, and when I cook at home it’s colourful and vitamin packed, but on the fly it needs a lot of improvement. If we can carry around a few fruit, veggies and nuts throughout the day we are ready to take on the world, and not at the mercy of being “h-angry.”
  5. Community: Over the past 8 years I have had to let go of some friends that just weren’t working anymore. It’s probably been the definitive delineation between my 20’s and 30’s. In my 20’s I wanted to please everyone, and for everyone to like me. In my 30’s I want to surround myself with like-minded people, who are ready to make a difference in the world by first looking at themselves. The friends and community in my life inspire me, they lead with love and aren’t afraid to use their voice for change. To start a revolution, we need a unified group.

These are the areas I will continue to work on to work on to be my best self in 2017, as a mother, chiropractor, friend, wife and teacher. I will continue to plan events to strengthen hearts and do my best in all of my work. Are you ready to join the revolution?




Staying Young In Vancouver

We all want to stay young, except kids, they are always in a rush to get older. Keeping young goes beyond looking good, it’s about fighting atrophy of the mind and body. It’s about feeling good, energetic, mobile and strong.

Here are some of our favourite ways to stay young in Vancouver, from skin to sweat, from brain to brawn.


Ecodiva Beauty

I love this BC based company. They choose skincare and cosmetics that are organic, cruelty free and sustainable. Your skin is a digestive organ, just like the intestines. You should not put anything on your skin that you couldn’t eat.

The best part, they have a pop-up shop at Nicole Bridger in Gastown, you can make an appointment with Natalia Campos for a 2 hour facial and make-up application for $50 product purchase. This just may be Vancouver’s best kept secret.

Sangre de Fruta

Allison Weldon has been in love with natural beauty ritual. She has studied essential oils for years, and had applied this knowledge to create Sangre De Fruta. This line of luxury body creams and face oils are handcrafted in small batches with the best ingredients from BC and around the world.


Dr. Christopher Pavlou

If you are looking for something a little deeper, Dr. Christopher Pavlou is board certified in medical aesthetics. He is a consummate professional with a discerning eye. Check him out for peels, PRP and more. I have had the pleasure of working with him for 3 years, and he is amazing at his job and has a passion for making you feel radiant.


The Juice Truck 

Visit their original truck on Abbott Street in Gastown, or their storefront on 5th Avenue and Manitoba to treat yourself to nutrient-dense plant based food. The Juice Truck offers juice cleanses, to reset the system and allow your intestines to be free from inflammation and build up. They are innovative and continue to develop plant based meals at their storefront location such as the “Almost Mac and Cheese” and “Kale Caesar salad,”

From cold-pressed juices to nutritional supplements, it’s the best (and most delicious) food to keep you young.

Zend Conscious Lounge

This is a little restaurant with a big heart. With their signature Zend elixir you can take a deep journey into your parasympathetic system while you relax and eat plant based, cancer fighting delicious meals created by chef Karen McAthy.

Zend is located in Yaletown.



One Yoga for the People

Yoga is one of the best ways to still the mind. This studio holds true to the ancient of yoga as its primary goal, to align you with consciousness, connection and create balance with mind and body. Boasting a roster of the best instructors in the city, this studio is located in the heart of Gastown.


Carolyn Budgell

Carolyn is a yoga teacher and meditation instructor. She teaches locally and hosts a number of meditation workshops, retreats and teacher trainings. Carolyn’s approach to mediation is real, authentic and approachable. She recently had a beautiful baby girl so her teaching schedule is reduced, but check out her website for upcoming events.


(Disclaimer: this is a small list of sweat experiences in Vancouver, we have the BEST exercise options in the world, and these are just a few of my faves)

Goh Ballet

One of the best ways to improve the motor cortex (the area of the brain that creates muscular movement and patterns) is to do ballet. Ballet is musical, involves co-ordination and remembering choreographed exercises. The best part is, they offer adult ballet classes at an intro level, and no matter your background you will have a great workout.

Goh Ballet is in Mount Pleasant at 8th and Main. Intro ballet is Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm.


Method Indoor Cycling

You can tell by the cheesy cycling fashion of most members that this place means business. And by business I mean serious cycling. The classes are one hour long, which allows for a full 15 minute warm up and 45 minutes of challenging drills in speed and resistance. The instructors are amazing, and are decorated athletes that participate in the class with you. The space is beautiful, big open windows, lockers, and change rooms with all the amenities to get you back to your day right after you sweat. I always feel like an Olympian after I leave Method.

Method is located in Kitsilano and West Vancouver.

Pacific Spirit Park 

Whether you are into running or walking, Pacific Spirit Park is the place to connect with nature. There are kilometres of trails to explore, with gentle ups and downs. I love to go early in the morning, where you can see more wildlife, like the Great Grey Owl and some mighty big slugs. The natural coverage of the trees gives you shade in the sun and provides a refuge from the downpour of rain.

Being in nature has so many benefits and has been documented as one of most important things to do on a daily basis for happiness.

Pacific Spirit Park is located near UBC.


Summer hours and rate change

To our beloved Health in Alignment community:

We have had the same hours and rates for 3 years now, and it was time for a little change.

Here are our new hours:

New hours


We will have an increase in patient appointment fees, which always brings along a *sigh* from everyone. We are very grateful to all who come to see us as patients, and we need to keep our rates equitable both to you, and for us to pay rent and all the other fees associated to running a practice.

We will be here to work with you and your extended coverage, and answer any questions you have.

New patient rates:

chiropractic rates-2

We are looking forward to taking care of you for a safe, happy and healthy summer!

With love from,

Dr. Genieve Burley and Dr. Ryan Gannon

Mommy and Me Yoga Retreat

Mommy and Me

We thought it would be amazing to experience the benefits of a retreat…with our daughters! So we created it.

Join Genieve Burley, Jennifer Medak and special guests for a nurturing weekend at Loon Lake Lodge and Resort Friday, December 2 to Sunday, December 4.

We are currently brewing an incredible experience for you, but here is what will definitely be included:

  • Accommodations in the Koerner and Pan Abode Lodges
  • All food: delicious, healthy, and lovingly curated
  • Daily yoga and meditation (Moms only)
  • Daily yoga (kids only)
  • Daily joint exercise activity for Moms and daughters (hike, run, play)
  • Craft and games for kids while Moms do yoga
  • A special joint craft for Moms and daughters
  • Special guests
  • A full schedule to fill your heart and create a lasting memory with your daughter

The breakdown (all prices are inclusive of tax)

Koerner Lodge (ensuite bathroom)

$1050 for Mom and Daughter

*Early Bird*

$100 off if deposit paid by August 1 ($950 total)

Pan Abode (shared bathroom)

$950 for Mom and Daughter

*Early Bird*

$100 off if deposit paid by August 1 ($850 total)

Second daughter


Special meal requests (GF or vegan)

$20 for weekend (this is a cost added on by the retreat centre)

How do you book!

Please send me an email with the following details:

  1. Your name
  2. Your daughter’s name (s)
  3. Any meal preference request
  4. Your lodging preference (Koerner or Pan Abode)

Secure your spot with a deposit.

A) You can pay on this site $193.00 USD


B) Send an email transfer of $250 CDN to drgenieveburley@icloud.com

We are planning this retreat for girls aged 6ish-9ish

Please feel free to email me with any questions!


Genieve and Jennifer

About Jennifer Medak

Jennifer has been inspired by the joy and wonder of childhood for over fifteen years, through her work as a preschool teacher and children’s yoga teacher in Vancouver, BC. Her most recent projects have included working at Bali Spirit Festival in Indonesia, overseeing the children’s programming and offering storytelling yoga workshops to children from all over the world. Jennifer is inspired by art, nature, music, story and dance and incorporates these elements into her yoga classes for children. She believes that through a fun, playful and meaningful yoga practice, children build self-esteem, confidence, connection to themselves and others, and a healthy body and mind. 


About Sharon Lee

Sharon has been teaching children art, sports, phonics, science, and math classes for over 5 years.  After discovering yoga and what it has done in her life, she knew she had to share it with the children she teaches. She intertwines the arts, body, and awareness in children’s sports and yoga classes. Sharon encourages confidence, self-awareness, and compassion in her students through playful practice. Her positive and energetic spirit infuses every class! 


Sharon has a degree in Industrial Design and certification to teach yoga. She shares her love of yoga with students in community centres across Vancouver. She enjoys using her background in visual arts in combination with yoga to create new ways for students to find balance in their lives. In addition to Vinyasa classes, Sharon has led yogart (yoga and art) and fooga (food and yoga) programs for children.


Summer Body-From the Inside Out

From a chiropractic perspective, having a “summer body” isn’t about the aesthetic. As we move from the colder months into a more active season, getting your musculoskeletal system ready for a change in activity is more important than looking great in a bikini.

Summer brings about a change in activity in many ways:

  1. The days are longer, our metabolism speeds up, and we burn more energy during the daylight period.
  2. We engage in sports that we haven’t been training for all winter.
  3. Our postural muscles are asked to work differently, longer walks, long time spend gardening, cycling.
  4. We sleep less on average in the summer.
  5. Travel increases, which means sleeping on different beds and longer drives in the car, ferries, and flights.

What you can do to keep your body in tip top shape for summer:

  1. Make sure to keep up with increased activity with nutrient dense foods and hydrate with water (not fruit juice or caffeine)
  2. Get started on cross-conditioning for summer sports. Before joining a soccer league or a run program consider doing some core work and conditioning to get your body ready. The body is most often injured when the demands on the tissues exceed what we can keep up with, which includes pushing too hard, too fast.
  3. Take postural breaks to get a good stretch while taking long walks, gardening or any activity that keeps you in one position for an extended period of time.
  4. When you do go to sleep, make sure the room is very dark which will increase the quality of your sleep, even if you are sleeping less.
  5. Keep up with chiropractic visits in the summer to ensure that your alignment and musculoskeletal system is healthy. Regular visits will ensure a safe and active summer!

Top Five fave in Bali

We are getting so excited about our retreat at Whales and Waves in Oct. 2-9 that we are planning all the spots we will hang out when in Bali.

To join us for this upcoming retreat, click here.


Here is a list of our top 5 favourite places we visited in Bali last time around:

The Temple Lodge

The Temple Lodge has a fairly terrible website that does not do it justice. It is located in the Balinese village Bingin, close to Uluwatu. The hotel is owned by an ex-racecar driver and his yogi wife. The location is gorgeous, the food is divine and it boasts the most charming Balinese accommodations.


Betelnut Cafe

The Betelnut cafe in Canggu is a fabulous place to get any meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s usually quite busy as it has become quite popular, but it’s worth it. Lots of vegan and vegetarian options on the menu and located on the best little strip for shopping and eating.


Tugu Hotel

Tutu hotel in Canggu, Bali is the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. It is one of the more expensive hotels in the area, but if you email them they will send you a special rate. The hotels were created to represent the history of Indonesia, and is decorated with art, furniture and weaponry from centuries past. Tugu has an afternoon tea every day with traditional cakes, tea and food. It is worth the investment, go for the private pool on the first level.


Single Fin

Single Fin is a restaurant and bar located in Uluwatu. It is a very popular place and lots of fun to go and have some drinks. I wouldn’t go there for the food (I’m vegan, but I know they had lots of fish, burgers etc), but the vibe is fun and laid-back. They have a great gift shop located in front of the restaurant as well. Arrive in time for sunset for a gorgeous view.


Nur Salon 

This is the BEST traditional Balinese spa experience. Nur is right in the heart of Ubud, but you feel like you are far away. The spa is set in a massive botanical garden, they use the plants they grow in the treatments. Treatments are done in little houses with their own bath, shower and table for massage. After your treatment, you are able to soak in a beautiful tub filled with flowers. This experienced is not to be missed if you are in Ubud.


Wellness 360-the minis

Join us at the Juice Truck for a “mini” Wellness 360 retreat!


Dates: June 5 and June 19th

Time: 8-11:45 am

Location: the Juice Truck

Cost: $32 USD (click link to sign up)


8:00-9:00am: outdoor conditioning w Jeremy Vaughan

9:15-10:00am: smoothie (included) and wellness discussion (different topic for both dates)

10:00-10:30am: meditation

10:30-11:45am: vinyasa yoga (all levels)

Spots are limited to 16 participants.